Paradise Meditation Center for Everyone is an unaffiliated, non sectarian, pubic meditation center for anyone who wants to have a beautiful, serene place to come to meditate. The Meditation Center will enable you to achieve your goal for a more calm, harmonious self. You may find that in developing this state you will experience enrichment in your life through inner peace and enhanced creativity along with improved overall health both mentally and physically. The Center endeavors to facilitate a variety of personal approaches to meditation, therefore no single meditation approach is advocated. How one achieves his or her goal of realizing the vast benefits of becoming more peaceful is a very personal choice.

The Center uses either guided or non guided meditation recordings that facilitate your journey into the world of relation and peacefulness.

For guided sessions: One will be able to listen to a recording that will direct his or her meditation within a beautiful, peaceful environment. For example of a type of recording during the guided session; one may learn the meditation techniques of focusing on breathing, affirmations, visualization, and relaxation. There will be soothing music or sounds as well to enhance your experience.

For unguided sessions: This session is for those who want a serene and beautiful place to meditate in their own fashion while listening to recordings with the soothing sounds of meditation music or nature melodies.
In addition, there will be no spoken words during this session.